What Is HomeAid Los Angeles?

HomeAid Los Angeles, a 501(c)(3) charity sponsored by the Los Angeles Builders Association, identifies long term, stable homeless care providers who need additional capacity and pairs them with our builders, vendors and suppliers who donate their time, materials and labor to help build transitional homeless shelters. Our agencies serve those who are homeless:

  • Youth who have aged out of foster care
  • Women in Crisis Pregnancy
  • Victims of Domestic Violence and Spousal Desertion
  • Children who have become homeless due to a family crisis
  • Mentally Challenged
  • Adults Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Families & individuals who are homeless as a result of job loss or catastrophic illness
  • Individuals and families suffering from drug and alcohol abuse
  • Male and female Veterans

In addition, HomeAid Los Angeles serves as a housing developer and liaison between homeless care providers, the community at large, volunteers, residential builders, remodelers and developers and their suppliers and vendors. If you are an agency that provides care for temporarily homeless families and individuals, click here.

Our Core Values

Every individual has worth and human dignity and deserves the basic provision of shelter as a necessity of life.

Most homeless people do not want to be homeless and will respond with self-initiative to improve themselves if given the opportunity.

We, as citizens of this nation, have a civic and moral responsibility to better the lives of others by sharing with others the gifts and talents we possess.

Our Mission

HomeAid's mission is: "building new lives for America’s homeless families and individuals through housing and community outreach." Although our mission gives us broad latitude to engage in building projects across the entire Continuum of Care, from emergency shelters to transitional housing to permanent supportive housing, every HomeAid project supports an agency that provides services that help residents move toward self-sufficiency, such as education and job skills training, physical and emotional support, etc.